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The Barn Nature Center and Monumental Music will be hosting a fundraiser to support rescued and re-homed exotic pets. Stay tuned for more details and other announcements. The Barn Nature Center is a non-profit educational animal sanctuary located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


presents... Paul Beaubrun www.PaulBeaubrun.com


We are proud to announce our new movement featuring Women in The Workplace, supporting women from around the world and focusing on the entertainment industry and the healing arts. Check out our dear friend Meghan Marie and her company, Wise Heart Wellness.









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Tony Flagiello

Tony Flagiello

Producer/Creative Director

As a well known artist and networking expert, Tony's talents and long lived experience in the Philadelphia music scene has expanded his career far beyond just a live performer. The brainchild behind many projects seen and unseen, Tony fits the Monumental brand to a "T".

Brandon Grossinger

Brandon Grossinger


A born leader, and a humbled teacher, Brandon brings many gifts to the table. His key strengths go hand in hand with the structure of any artist and business mindset... always putting the artist first.

Joel Dupont

Joel Dupont

Director of Security Operations

Our top agent and seasoned professional, Joel reflects the image of protection in his nature as a human being. He also has the training to back up those words, and the calm sense about him to handle any situation even when things are at high intensity, which is often the case in our industry.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Chief Advisor

Mr. Thompson is a long time friend of the Monumental family, in addition to being a well established community leader, activist, and mentor. He has played a major role in the decision making process for our team and also has a variety of other skills and projects that makes him a most valuable asset as well as a good friend.


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